Saturday, June 24, 2006

Seth Crosson, are you out there? Your mother would like to speak with you.

Ever since I hooked up my phone line, I've been getting calls for someone named "Seth Crosson". The first call was fielded by my answering machine, and I figured it was a wrong number. The first two calls were from schools, and I figured maybe they just had an old number. But a few weeks later, I started getting calls from this guy's friends and family, wondering where he had gotten to.

Seth, whoever you are, if you by any chance happen to read this, please call your mother and let her know where you are. Also, please tell your family what your new number is so they stop calling me and asking for you. If you give me your new phone number (preferably by calling your old Redmond number), I'll be happy to redirect people to it.

And, next time that you move, please tell people that you are moving and where you're moving to, so they don't have to call the poor guy who gets assigned your old number.