Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Still Not Dead Yet

If it looks like I've fallen off the 'Net recently, it's because I have. In addition to the usual problem of having relatively little free time since I started working, I've been spending the last month or so moving into a new apartment. Much of my free time has been occupied by either planning what to buy and put in my apartment, shopping for stuff to buy and put in my apartment, hauling stuff home from stores into my apartment, and (in the case of IKEA) assembling the stuff I just bought in my apartment.

On top of that, I haven't hooked up an Internet connection yet. This is partly because I'm dissatisfied with all the available options -- which, in my area, seem to be Verizon and Comcast. Since I'm not interested in cable TV, the cheapest choice is Verizon, and I just finally got them to officially hook my phone line up. This was a more complicated process than you might think; they require you to fax them both sides of your driver's license before they'll activate a phone service (presumably to make the NSA's job a bit easier as they snoop on your traffic). It also looks like I probably can't get DSL service until I receive my first phone bill and get a phone number I can enter into the DSL request form on Verizon's website, so I won't be properly connected for another few weeks.

I think that Kate wants me to get off the computer so she can use the internet, so I'll cut off here. More later, maybe.