Saturday, February 18, 2006

Windows in 1998

In response to Jeff Bailey's blog post, "David" wrote:

Surely the answer is in the question. Linux is at the state of Windows in 1997 or 1998. So why would users go back almost a decade?

The last time I used Windows for much was in 1998. Of course, to actually get paid for my work I had to agree to work on Windows again, full-time. After a month and a half it seems to me that aside from crashing less, Windows is at the state of Windows in 1998.

Arguments that are difficult to refute.

I was recently discussing the merits of free vs not-free software with one of my coworkers, when he pointed out that my position was self-defeating, since without non-free software programmers like us would be unemployed and broke in Greenland. Well, he didn't add "in Greenland", but it did a pretty good job of shutting me up anyway.