Tuesday, November 20, 2007

cwidget gets a Web page

I spent some time last weekend putting together the infrastructure to generate a basic Web page for cwidget. The Web page is generated by Ikiwiki (thanks to the incomparable Joey Hess for a really nice piece of code there) and doubles as the cwidget documentation; it will be included in the next upload of libcwidget-doc. It can be found in the source tree under doc/ikiwiki.

It's currently a bit skeletal: in particular, it really needs some tutorial/HOWTO material for new users. But it at least has all the basic information that I personally expect from a project Web site.

I was playing with ikiwiki for a week or so prior to setting this Web site up, and the more I use it the more impressed I am. When I get my new Slicehost instance set up (probably next weekend), this blog will probably migrate to an ikiwiki installation over there. Being able to edit my posts offline (about half my hacking time is offline), being able to expose a change history for posts, and not having to maintain an installation of a monster PHP program (as the docs put it, if you don't run the CGI then ikiwiki has the security implications of cat(1)), are all absolutely killer features for me, and I look forward to expanding my use of this tool. Joey has struck gold yet again.

[UPDATE] This post is attracting spam and no real comments. Closing comments.


At 5:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In iceweasel (from testing) that ikiwiki page is too wide and the right column is always cut, although it moves while resizing the page.

The weird thing is that for big font sizes it fits, but semi-randomly, for small ones it doesn't.


At 6:59 AM, Blogger dburrows said...

Yeah, I've noticed the same thing. It seems to be caused by the sidebar plugin; if I remembered more CSS I could probably hack up the stylesheet and fix it.


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