Monday, August 22, 2005

Note To Self

If you're going to try to meet other Debian people in Real Life,

(a) print off, or at least find their pictures online first so you know who to look for. Otherwise, if the restaurant/pub doesn't take names when they seat parties, you'll just wander around looking stupid and getting laughed at when you ask people if they're with "the Debian party";

(b) make sure your cell phone is not totally dead in case (a) fails;

(c) when driving home after (a) and (b) fell through, do NOT turn left instead of right and end up several miles to the wrong side of Lake Sammammish. If you do, do NOT decide to find your way back by going forward, then spend an hour on little back roads; instead, just turn around and head to a major artery that you are familiar with.


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