Thursday, June 30, 2005

I have to get out of this state

I just got a lovely little letter and bill from the Pennsylvania tax service. It seems that Pennsylvania has a law requiring people who make more than $8,000 that's not subject to employer withholding (say, selling stocks to pay for college tuition loans) to pay extra installments of taxes, even aside from the regular employer withholdings. If you don't pay, they charge you a "penalty" for underpayment. Of course, the only place this requirement seems to be documented is in the "Gotcha!" bill they send you after you file your tax return.

I wonder what the bill introducing this clever idea was titled. "Stealth Tax Increase Act"? "Screw The Taxpayer Act"? "Let's Build Another Highway And Name It After Bud Shuster Act"?

I suggest a new state motto: "Pennsylvania: Cynicism Lasts a Lifetime".


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