Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Web Pages

After spending a day digging through HTML and CSS reference manuals, I've finally gotten myself up-to-date enough to make my personal Web pages look halfway decent. At least, they look halfway decent if you're using a CSS2.1-conformant browser. I don't have a convenient installation of IE on hand to check, but I suspect they probably look awful if you're using that browser. You should be able to see all the content, though; you'll just miss out on the attractive page organization. CSS has some warts, but the last time I seriously tried to write HTML was, oh, I think 1998-2000 or so, and it's SO much nicer than the horrible stuff you had to do back then.

Aside from that, I've been hanging out with family members I don't get to see much. I need to get back to the job hunt today (and I have to start packing up the stuff in my apartment and put it in Mom's garage^W^Wstorage, since it looks like I'll have to clear out of here before I have the income to rent a new apartment).

I was asked yesterday why I haven't written anything here about my plane trip home. The main reason is that I wanted to keep the ratio of complaints to interesting posts to a minimum. However, I will provide a free (yes, FREE) travel tip: don't fly USAir, and if you must, don't buy a ticket that connects in Philadelphia. And if you ignore my advice and get an itinerary that routes you through Philadelphia on USAir, make sure to take a comfortable pillow and some food, 'cause you could be hanging out there for a long time.


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