Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The US isn't the only country with crazy politicians

[UPDATE 2007-10-01 22:43: It appears that Erich wrote an expanded and better-translated post while I was at work]

Erich Schubert writes that
Nach aktuellen Plänen der CSU wäre der Vertrieb von Debian GNU/Linux illegal.

Auch zahlreiche andere Distributionen währen wohl davon betroffen: Alle, die sogenannte "Killerspiele" vertreiben...

For non-German speakers, I provide the following approximate translation:
CSU wants to make Debian illegal

The current plans of the CSU [Christian Social Union] will make the distribution of Debian GNU/Linux illegal.

In addition, many other distributions will be affected: specifically, those that distribute so-called "killer games"...

For instance, Overkill (Debian also includes, e.g., Tremulous and OpenArena, which are based on the Quake3 engine and have 3d graphics...)

(hopefully I got the gist of Erich's post without mangling it too badly!)

What I don't know is how serious this is. The CDU (Christian Democratic Union) is IIRC the current ruling party in Germany; however, according to Wikipedia, the CSU is some sort of local affiliate in Bavaria. Does it have the clout to get this proposal made into law?